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Business Finance Pre-Qualification TestUnsecured Business Funding

Our Free Business Finance Pre-Qualification Test
shows you the finance programs you pre-qualify for and
how to maximize your business financing opportunities.

TAKE THE TEST and get your Business Financed.

Our 100% Unsecured Business Financing Program
provides $25,000 to $150,000 and is perfect for startups.
It offers 0% interest for at least the first year and funds
per business principal making multiple fundings possible.

GET 100% UNSECURED FINANCING for your Business.

Level 1 - Lender Compliance

Lender Compliance There are 20 items that many lenders will check all or some of in their finance approval process.
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  Lender Compliance Items

Level 2 - Owner's Credit

Owners Credit The credit scores of business owners with at least 15% equity are vital to obtaining business financing.
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  Owner's Credit Scores

Level 3 - Business Credit

Business Credit Your business entity must have its own credit scores that are separate from your personal scores.
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  Business Credit Scores

Level 4 - Finance Programs

Finance Programs There is nothing more important than knowing if you pre-qualify before you submit applications.
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  Program Pre-Qualification

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